Live Well Week at Holmes Place

24 Oct

so I just went for my ‘interview’ thingy at Holmes place and got shown the facilities and was told the prices, both standard and special ‘live well week’ offer, I have to say that both prices (120 and 102 per month respectively, on a 12 month contract) were not too bad…BUT…yes there is one of those…but if you are someone like me who cannot make a commitment that makes those prices seem worthy of shelling out it can be a bitter pill.  I asked if they did a day/week or even month pass so you don’t feel that you are giving away money for little return (not necessarily on their part of my your time to make the time)…the answer you may have guessed was no, a firm one at that! Any why not when you have lots of people who have the time and/or money to spare sure…but there are just as many of us who don’t have that but would like the occasional ‘time-out’.

so…oooppps 2 sentence starts with so, bad grammar…I digress…SO with that in mind I decided to at least enjoy my free one week unlimited pass and enjoy, as well as blog ;), about the experience, so for those, very few who actually read what I write, can decide if they want to part with their money and get themselves a membership. BTW, expect lots of OMG, HC and the like in the blog because I am about to put my body through the ringer so that you guys out there can get a full low down on ‘will I get my monies worth’…God help me 🙂

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Posted by on October 24, 2012 in rantings


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