03 Apr


When I was told I was part of the review team for the new Olay Total Effects Sensitive Moisturiser from I was very excited, my family used Olay products for a long time since it used to be called Oil Of Olay. So I got my testing time spend the waiting time for the packing telling everyone that will hear about the product and that I will be testing it. The package arrived, hooray.


Opened up the 30ml bottle and started to apply, surprisingly I didn’t use that much, have to admit it did feel good on my skin, I expected it might feel a little oily or like I have something on my face but it didn’t. So next few days I met up with the testers and started to hand out the samples. Feedback was great, even though the sample tubes where small, what I heard back was that they lasted longer than the testers thought, 3-5 days.

The response was enthusiastic, they all loved it and said it made their skin feel great. I did a week test, which I put it through the ringer, I reduced my water intake to make sure it moisturised well, and it did, I couldn’t believe it my skin felt great, it was soft and looked good, in fact a photographer friend asked if they can take a picture of me…you could have knocked my down with a feather, I’m a bit shy so I said maybe next time but was so psyched that they said that. The only little thing it did not work as much on my complexion as others is that it did not balance and even out my skin tone, but to be fair I did not expect it to as I have tried other products to do that and nothing as of yet has worked.  Am I still using it? You bet, Olay has been a family fav and it will stay that way. I am a moisturiser convert.

Dont take my word,or my testers, or the vast amount of other reviewers in this project, go get one and see for yourself

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