Mother’s Day Massacre

10 May

Or rather the Massacre of Mother’s Day.  I’ve been a mummy now for 6 years and have had a total of zero mother’s day, due to hubbie forgetting (even after constant reminders) and he’s idea that this is day is just a manufactured day, ok fair enough, it is a little, but it’s not the gifts I want but the appreciation, even though I know that many mum complain about the same thing, being unrecognised and under appreciated this is for us, once a year to be recognised and appreciated.

This post is my rant about how this (and a few others) mother’s day was massacred.  The day started by the kids waking me up, and a promise by them and hubbie of breakfast (as usual), a continental breakfast. Bread, jam, cheese, croissants, problem no bread or croissants, what to do? Hubbie couldn’t go to the bakery because he just woke up (45 minutes after the kids woke me up), the kids couldn’t go to the bakery because well kids, so wonder who would go and get the bread and croissant for the Mother’s Day breakfast that is being made for me.  Decided to treat myself with a muffin too.  So breakfast ingredients got, having laid out the rest of the ingredients on the table, we started the breakfast.  It was lovely spread if I may say so myself, then the clean up, apparently only I know where the broom is in the broom closet.  Clean up done.  Hubbie adviced my that he needed his grey shirt for work the next day, grey shirt is in the laundry, so mother’s day laundry done.  while I was at it might as well do the rest of the mother’s day ironing, so done.  Now kids are bored so what is mothers day that spending time with kids and entertaining them, done.

No doubt you are no bored, how is this mothers day different from any other, it isn’t, oh apart from the breakfast that was made for me, in spirit that is.  Lunch was supposed to be a surprise take out, but wise hubbie said that as we already had chicken why not eat that with some pasta, and do I mind boiling the pasta.  The rest of the day pretty much followed like that, you may ask where is hubbie, well between eating and watching a bit of TV, he was working on the computer.  You know I didn’t mentioned, which I should, is that yesterday he took the kids out to the part so I can get a couple of hours to myself, aaww nice, it was so that I can do the ironing without the kids bothering me, aaawww.

So another mother’s day massacred.  Out of this slight disaster did come something nice, my eldest drew a picture for me of me and my friends at my mother’s day party, so the day ended with a sweet note.  I wait with anticipation as to what will happen next mother’s day!

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