Top 5: cut onions without tears

11 Apr

I love to eat onions, mostly spanish red onions, not because they taste good, which they do a little, but mostly because they are good for you, for your heart and blood pressure.  Although I love to eat them, I hate to cut them up, it is one of my pet peeves about cooking, because they make me cry.  So I asked around and researched different ways to cut onions up without tears.  Here are my Top 5 tried and tested way to ‘Cut Onions Without Tears’

#5.  Placing a piece of bread in your mouth and having it hang out (avoid doing when people are around or you will be made fun of).  This actually does work , I tried it with white bread, so not sure it works the same with brown/wholemeal bread, but bread is bread right 🙂

#4.  Put peeled onion under cold water before cutting.  This one is good, 9/10 times it has worked a treat, the one time don’t know why?

#3. Put in fridge, to make the onion cold.  When I first tried this I was a little sceptical (more than the piece of bread) but it really did work.

#2. Wear goggles. You may look daft but this works ever time, I wore the kids swimming goggles.

And the best way to assure no tears when you cut up onions, guaranteed to work every time, is……

#1. Get someone else to do it for you.  I found this to the best way out of all of them!!

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