The great escape

10 Apr

Hubbie has been working all day, and I have been home enjoying my hobbies of cooking, cleaning and looking after the kids.  So when he come home, finally, he proceeds in given the kids, not the great food I lovingly prepared, no, but cake with a chocolate icing.  Hello bouncing off wall sugar rush, goodbye me.  Put laptop in bag and sneaked out of there.  It was just like Steve McQueen’s ‘the great escape’, tiptoeing along the wall, ducking past the lounge door, slowing turning the door handle, quietly closing the door behind me, and with lightening speed down the stairs, a flash and I’m in the coffee shop, determination baby.

Honey if you think its ok to give them such sugary food then its also ok to look after them.  Sitting here in the coffee shop, (25 mins now) wondering how long before he calls me for help.  I must admit 25 minutes is pretty good going, last time he did that (yes you would think he would learn his lesson, but I was actually in the house that time) it was 15 minutes before he came into the bedroom to ask for help.  You’re on your own buddy, maybe this time he might remember and listen to the mommy…….we are always right!!!!!

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Posted by on April 10, 2010 in rantings


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