Family Day Out

25 Mar

Kids were home all day today, so decided to do a family outing, by family I meant me and the kids, hubbie as always was too busy, far enough.  First stop lunch, cheeseburger and fries (for them), healthy grilled vegetable baguette for me with fries (come on I’m only human).  Desert followed, strawberry pudding for them and toffee caramel latte for me, heaven.  All the calories decided to go to a playground, kids ran the sugar burst out on slides and climbing frames and I worked out running after them making sure they didn’t break a leg or something (I know I’m a little over protective, trying to work on it, should be fine in 20 or so years).  Got back home hubbie was asleep, guessing the 9 hours he got last night wasnt enough, apparently men cannot function with only 9 hours sleep, where women can easily, clean, cook, look after kids etc only 7 (if they are lucky) hours a night.  Still snoring like a bear, have this overwhelming urge to poke him with a stick. Dont worry I wont, I don’t have a stick 😉

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Posted by on March 25, 2010 in rantings


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