DIY Greenhouse

09 Mar

Spring is on its way and this is the time when most people decide to plants flowers or herbs, or even vegetables. I love to plant herbs, especially ones that are expensive or hard to find here, but the problem I always face is space. I live in a flat with an average sized balcony.  Last spring, for ideas I went on….all together now….the internet and found several articles about container gardening, in other words – gardening for people with limited spaces.  Following the directions, I planted my seeds, waited and saw my herbs sprout. I really got excited about it, but the herbs and soil started drying out. What to do??  This is where the internet came in handy. Once more I found some relevant articles about making a greenhouse, but not the usually metal and glass greenhouses, this one was for the container garden, i.e. ME and all one needs is a stick and some plastic bags!

Your plants should last longer and can grow in various environments in this greenhouse. My roka lasted a few weeks more than before I had one!!. You don’t need much and how much depends on the size of your container, i.e. a larger container will require more material. The directions following are based on a medium-sized plant pot.

  1. A plant pot (make sure it has holes at the bottom), with own water collection plate.
  2. Plastic bags: sandwich bags (the thicker the better), or you can get clear plastic sheets from the garden shop and cut to the size you want to make an adequate cover
  3. A stick to keep the bag upright
  4. Something to seal the bag at the bottom, this can be a rubber band (this works well on small plant pots), or brown tape

Plant your seeds as usual, fill the pot with lots of water, making sure it is full. Plant the stick in the pot to keep the bag/plastic up and cover the pot, making sure it fits well so the moisture stays in. Then seal the bag/plastic with a rubber band or brown tape.

Put the pot in a sunny spot on your balcony. The heat of the sun builds the condensation on the plastic and waters the plant (This is a good science project for kids). If the plants get too big for the bag/plastic sheet, just replace the plastic and stick with new larger ones! Eh Voilá!!

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