Bring back Dave Tennant

04 Mar

I know the new Dr Who has not started and I havent seen if Matt Smith can be any good as the Doc,  I don’t want to know, I am still reeling from the departure of Davey boy.  He was an utterly utterly brill Dr Who, he was funny and funny and cute. I know they want the Dr to be young to appeal to the young crowd, but Dave Tennant wasn’t that old and did I mention he was utterly brill and funny, oh and cute.

I must have watched series 2/3/4 about a trillion times, yes I said a trillion there is such a number. Who cares about appealing to the young crowd they have enough shit on tv to keep them amused, besides they don’t pay the tv licence its us the parents that do, should tv not be entertaining for us, and before anyone says you have eastenders and corrie just stop, even they are getting flooded with youngsters.  I don’t want to sound old fogey, because I am not, but why spoil a good thing, HE WAS GOOD damn it.  Bring Dave Tennant back, Matt Smith I am sure you will be *gulp* good at being the 11th doctor but sorry mate I prefer Dave T, you have some big shoes to fill mate.  If Dave T or the powers that be at the beeb are reading this (ha ha its possible) can’t you do a dream sequence and make things go back, hey if Dallas can do it a time travelling alien sure can.

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Posted by on March 4, 2010 in rantings


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