Am I invisible??

03 Mar

WTF, seriously do people nowadays go around seeing nothing in front of them, and by people I mean kids, and by kids I mean 16-20’s that think they own the f’ing world and everyone should get out of their way, like they have anywhere important to get to, oh sorry forgot the liquid lunch that just can’t wait.  What am I ranting about I will tell you, apparently for these “kids” anyone older than 30 suddenly become invisible on the street and they have the right to just walk right through them, yes I am well aware that they can’t walk through someone but you know what I mean.  I was walking down the street, BTW for me there’s such as a thing as street etiquette, the side of the shops is for browsing and waiting the other side is for walking, oh and no f’ing standing in the middle, pick a damn side and use it!!!! Ok back to my rant, me walking down road and a sodding spiked hair, pants down their arse, yapping on the phone twit kid walking right into me and waited (I think he wanted me to move), didn’t move just looked at him, he looked at me, oh right so you do see me then.  The little s*** rolled his eyes and walked past me, he rolled his eyes like I was in the wrong.  Do you think that as it, nooooooo, no sooner that the little runt did that than a bunch of teen boys did the same thing, but wait, the miniskirt little miss that walked pass them before me managed to get them to split and make way for her, me I got bumped into and a ‘hey, come on’.

I wish I can say these are isolated events but they are not, this has sadly happened to me a few times.  I mean come on, when did this happen, when did I become the ‘old’ person that you can’t see and bump into, I’m not even that old, I still look pretty hot-ish, well my little kids think I’m beautiful, hey I’m a yummy mummy.  Dont these teens watch Oprah, the 30 is the new 2s, 40 is  the new 30, apparently they are not Oprah’s demographic.

But if that wasnt enough, to add insult to injury, a few 20 somethings were handing out free chocolate, and they walked right past me, ALL 4 of them, and all the young girls near me got some chocolate, are you f’ing kidding me, I’m right here, chocolate doesn’t age discriminate you know.  So I doubled back and walked, slowly, past them again, WTF, again I didn’t get anything, oh but the women handing out leaflets for cosmetic surgery to take out wrinkles, yes she sees me and gives me a leaflet…….I don’t have any f’ing wrinkles (yet)….I’m not that old…….watch Oprah, 30 is the new 20…..oh who cares……

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Posted by on March 3, 2010 in rantings


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