Where are the real ‘Men’

27 Feb

Do boys every grow up?  Do they ever become men?  I know physical and chronologically they grow up, but mentally and emotionally?  A study, by scientists, said that a ‘man’ (yes I quoted it as I use the term loosely), in tests, his brain showed signs of maturity at the age of 40, oh dear God 40, so a woman (once we get our ‘little visitor’ are brain tends to mature pretty damn quick) should only start a relationship with a ‘man’ at age forty if she wants any maturity other wise you get a physically developed little boy.  OK let me explain what I meant by ‘mature’, physically girls mature faster its to do with reproductive and all that stuff.  Emotionally girls do mature faster, I don’t mean that if a 12-year-old wears make up and ‘grown up’ clothes she is mature (BTW a 12-year-old girl in make-up, is a 12-year-old girl in make-up NOT a woman).  Girls/women (most) start to nest and thinking of life-partnership at an early age, they start to use common-sense and intellectual thought earlier than boys. Boys MORE times than not have no idea what common-sense or intellectual thought is (BTW if I offend any one, sorry but this is my blog), if you disagree, that is your right but I would ask you to go out and look at men’s behaviour, any saturday night you’ll see how mature men are.  Although some women can behave as childish and emotionally stunted as men, this is a product of the so-called modern ‘I have the freedom to do what I want and behave like a man because we are equal’ feminism, which a seriously twisted form what the brave real ‘feminists’ fought for, freedom for the vote, to be given equal inheritance and pay, to be taken seriously for they real contributions to the world,  but this is another blog all in its self. Yes if you get a medical degree, hold down a job and buy a house you could be said to be ‘mature’, but hey women do that as well, also look after family and parents, and YOU, and all the while are not thanked or appreciated, yes doing all that and still trying to have a sense who ‘who you are’ that’s maturity, just because you signed your name on a mortgage contract or set up a bank account does not make you mature.

I can only talk by my experience and of those around me and the talk shows I have seen and the true story articles I have read and the ‘a friend of my friend’ discussion I have heard, so basically a lot of women’s accounts. Surely this can’t have been like this all the time, I mean in history when mortality rate was like 50 years old, what happened then? Are we women of modern times short-changed when it comes to ‘men’, have ‘men’ progressed in mortality but regressed in maturity.  Not wanted to sound like a Harlequin novel but where are the real ‘men’ that we are told to look for and wait for by, society and Harlequin (ok I don’t read harlequin novels, I’m just using them as reference to the perceived ‘real man’, I much prefer Mills & Boon, joke).  Romance novels and Hollywood you have a lot to answer for, you have deceived us for too long, either give names, number and address of these ‘real men’ that you lead us to believe exist or write about what men are really like…..a physically buff emotionally stunted little boy (also some movies do show men like that but somehow they magically become mature by the end of the film).  Guys should look at exactly what real women have to deal with day in and day out, what they are put through and they still stand through it will little to no whining, but men you get a cold and you whine and expect us to be grateful that you made any little effort, not mature.  I suppose everyone can argue what maturity really mean, it will have different meaning to everyone.  To me maturity is when you ‘man’ up to the shit you have done and realise your mistake and apologise for it.  So to ‘MEN’ look at the world around you, you F’d up, now ‘man’ up admit your mistakes and apologise, be the ‘men’ you say you are.

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Posted by on February 27, 2010 in rantings


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