18 Feb

Just a quick raging rant.  Hubbie came home from work, bear in mind I feel like death warmed up, and have spent all day with kids, and got about oohhh 10 seconds of sleep last night, he strolls in stops the whole going to bed routine and has them screaming like banshees.  So calmly I asked them to stop and get to bed, first time, second time, no word of a lie 10 tomes and no-one even acknowledges I am standing there.  So what do I hear, yes my mother’s voice bellowing across the lounge, normally I would be taken back by hearing my mum’s voice come out of my mouth, but so not in the mood to be shocked right now, and the crying begins, no not me,the  kids, namely the youngest ‘but I don’t want to go to bed’ ‘but it’s not late’ ‘but…’ ‘but…’.  I ask hubbie to put them to bed, seconds later, I kid you not, SECONDS later (after he got them all worked up, by the way), he comes into the lounge and says to me ‘can you go and deal with them I’m too tired and can’t do it’, WT……the chocolate has kicked in by now as I ignored the urge to take the computer and knock him over the head with it.

20 minutes of in the bed, out the bed tag with the youngest, all the while hubbie is on phone with his friend, telling me to keep youngest quiet, well most of the time he talks out of his rear so maybe I should just shove the phone up there, envisioning it now, so funny, how is he gonna explain that one at A&E.

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Posted by on February 18, 2010 in rantings


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