valentine’s day

14 Feb

So today is valentines day, named after a man called valentine and made all chocolate & flowers by Chaucer.  To start let me say if I offend (there is always someone who gets offended) anyone in my ranting about valentine’s day I apologise in advance, if you chose to believe in the hype that this valentines day have at it, go buy the over priced flowers and chocolates and cards and give to the one you love because someone told that today is the day you should tell them you love them (forget the other 363 days of the year when you can do it and it will mean more as it will be more sincere and not manufactured).  And for those that don’t have anyone today and are feeling bad about it, if it really is making you unhappy not having someone to give you/to those flowers, chocolates or the fancy meal, do it for yourself, you think you deserve it right so go get them don’t let anyone make you feel bad for treating yourself, after all aren’t we living in me me me world, so go and damn what convention tells you and get the chocolate and fancy meal and enjoy it.

Now to my ranting, oh yes that wasn’t the ranting that was the prologue as it were. Showing someone you love them, its great when you have someone to love and loves you, but don’t we always have someone like that even if it’s not an actually person, yes I am talking about God, this isn’t a religious blog and just because I believe in God and love him does not mean I don’t have opinion about a lot of things that ‘religious’ people will get upset about, but I digress.  What I want to say is that there shouldn’t be one set day to show someone, anyone, be it your partner, sibling, kids, parents, dear friends that you love them and they hold a special place in your heart, ever day should be used for that, be it in a big, medium or small gesture, a simple hug, or ‘mum thanks for making me the sandwich, or ‘dear friends thanks for listen to my rant and standing by me when you would rather be watching American Idol’.  Everyday should be valentines day, and most of all, most importantly everyday should be valentines day for the one that gave you your true love, the supporting parent, the loving kids, the understanding friend, yes I am talking about God.  This ‘manufactured’ valentines day makes everyone go crazy over what should I get her/him, oh I don’t have anyone to get me anything, like most days we forget who to show our love for, don’t bother with the commercialism, thank God for the person in your life that you love and tell them I love and I am grateful to God that your are in my life, and then do the same on Feb 22, and May 16 and Nov 12, it doesn’t have to on this day you run around worrying how to say I love, just say it, the words mean more that the things you can buy, and they mean much more on other days.  And those who don’t have a significant other, well you do, it may not be a partner but its a friend, parent, sibling and of course God.  I have spent a good amount of my life with out a partner, but I have the love of God and it was reflected in my wonderful friends and family, for me valentines day was everyday, and I tried to tell those who were close to my heart how much they meant to me, in big, medium and small gestures.

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