my first time

13 Feb

Wow my fist blog.  Kindda excited about it. I wasnt sure if I should start with how I got here or what, so though I would just write and as blogs go along I can jump back and forth through things That happened a long time ago and not so long ago.  I read alot and watch movies alot (and bad tv, but dont judge me on that).  At the moment, like A LOT of people (although they wont admit it) I am excited by American Idol (I know I am sad but what the heck), everyone says they hate it yet millions vote on it, huh go figure.  Anyway, just watched Hollywood week, loved it, cried with the losers, cheered with the winners (told you I was sad).  But what I loved most about the AI auditions is the way Ryan Seacrest moved swiftly out of the way when a mob of people screamed and jumped up & down when their family member got a ticket, the best was the Italian guy, that was classic, Ryan if you ever read this (a girl can dream) you are so truely funny.

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Posted by on February 13, 2010 in rantings


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